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Shell Beach Tour

Available Daily - 20 seats

Adult $90 from Denham - Discount for 2+

Children $40 from Denham

Adult $120 from Monkey Mia - Discount for 2+

Children $60 from Monkey Mia

10.00am Departing Monkey Mia 11.00am Departing Denham

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Shell Beach is one of only two beaches in the world that is made entirely of shells, these tiny white sea shells are cockles from the species Fragum Erugatom and have been depositing here for over 4000 years due to the water in L'Haridon Bight being hypersalinated protecting them from there predators who cant survive in this environment, the high salinity has enabled the cockle to proliferate unchecked which has allowed them to grow in abundance. Over time, these shells have formed a limestone that is know as coquina, before Shark Bay became World Heritage Listed the limestone was mined and used for the construction of a number of buildings in the local town of Denham. Join us as we walk onto this iconic stretch of beach that is over 60km long and has a depth of 7-10 metres of shell under our feet, as we walk closer to the shore you will be taken back by the beauty of this beach where bright white tiny sea shells meet the calm aqua coloured ocean waters, these waters are shallow and are perfect for flicking off your thongs and getting your feet wet.